Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips – You Should Know Before Using Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool used to cut out excess growth from bushes and hedges. The best quality is smooth, durable, and powerful, making hard work seem almost effortless. When, however, it comes to hedge trimmer safety, you should be vigilant and not allow being lulled into a false sense of security. Below are top five hedge trimmer safety tips you can apply while operating your hedge trimmer.

Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

Carefully Read Your Safety Manual

Among all the hedge trimmer safety tips, being thoroughly familiar with the basic safe operating rules should be the first step to take. Therefore, read, understand, and follow all instructions on your hedge trimmer and in the manual.

Also, you should understand all the safety symbols and warnings that appear on both the manual and the product itself.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately is one of the hedge trimmer safety tips that will help you protect your body from injuries. It is a wise idea to always wear high-quality protective goggles, ear protectors, shoes with non-slip treads, a protective covering, long pants, and rubber gloves.

The protective goggles protect your eyes from possible thrown clippings, ear protectors protect your hearing, and shoes protect your legs.

Protect Yourself and People Around You

When you are concerned about your head trimmer safety, think about yourself and those around you because tragic accidents can occur if you do not know children in your work area. Never assume that children will stay in one place because they are often attracted to the hedge trimmer, as well as the activity of trimming.

In addition, when operating your trimmer, never allow pets or bystanders around you, except responsible people who thoroughly understand the instructions to be followed while operating the tool.

Safely Operate Your Hedge Trimmer

Operating your hedge trimmer safely is one of the hedge trimmer safety tips that cannot be ignored because it makes sure you prevent serious personal injuries.

If your hedge trimmer accidentally jams on any electrical cord or line, DO NOT TOUCH THE BLADES, because they can become electrically live and very dangerous. Just safely disconnect the damaged electrical cord or line from its power source.

If, however, you feel you cannot safely do it, immediately call an electrician for help to prevent the danger from causing death or serious personal injury.

Maintain Your Hedge Trimmer in a Good Condition

There is no way you will achieve hedge trimmer safety if you do not properly service your hedge trimmer. Good maintenance tips, such as regularly inspecting your hedge trimmer for damaged cords or parts, will keep your tool in a good condition, increase its life span, and prevent any tragic accidents that might occur while operating your tool.

Therefore, often inspect your hedge trimmer for any signs of damaged or broken parts, and if you find any, replace with same, original spare parts.

Final Words

From the above discussion, it is clear that for you to be safe while operating your hedge trimmer, you should apply the above-discussed hedge trimmer safety tips.

Therefore, if you are out to start your first hedge trimming job, apply the above-explained safety tips and stay safe around your yard. Your job will be effortless and the result will impress you.

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